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  • Image of AE03 Social Studies

AE03 Social Studies


Social Studies
7" [Vinyl]
Side A: Holler Boys (Painless & Jerorneo Remix)
Side B: Weathered White

With deft hands and keen ears Sugar and Gold's Painless & Jeromeo re-imagine the wistful pop of the Social Studies song "Holler Boys" as smooth uptempo dancehall infused with moody House. Impressionistic lyrics float in deep bass and modulating synth, a stereo sweep snare and hi-hat builds and drops in to a tom breakdown, and dark reverb guitars coupled with sweet keyboard melodies penetrate this subtly shifting and well crafted remix.

The B side, "Weathered White," returns the listener to the organic origins of the Social Studies sound. A skeletal but robust rhythm section provides the engine for an angelic pop song anchored by a layer of insistent organs that press and tease out a mysterious melody over which Natalia Rogovin unravels an earnest narrative that drops to a building march only to open up in to a whispered confession before returning head first to the driving rhythm that began the song.