Image of AE16 Adventure:Us - Luke Sweeney

AE16 Adventure:Us - Luke Sweeney


CD $12
Standard Black Vinyl 12" $15
LIMITED EDITION Colored Vinyl 12" $25
Deluxe VIP Tote Package $45 - Color Vinyl + CD & Aerobic International Tote Bag

Adventure:Us transports the listener into a psychedelic bliss, equal parts freak folk, acid soul, psych pop, post-punk and lo-fi blues. The album possesses an organic, yet polished production, with shiny, complex and moody guitar that takes unexpected flips and turns. It’s relaxing, yet engaging, chilled out, yet intense.

1. Sub-Radar Moves
2. Miss Me?
3. Spousal Arousal
4. Open Those Savage Eyes
5. Something Bleu
6. Letter From Abyssmus
7. That’s How My Baby Learned to Fly
8. Boombox
9. Doin’ It To You
10. Sympathy For The Night
11. New Sentiment For Life
12. Lap of the Gods