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  • Image of AE16 Adventure:Us - Luke Sweeney

    AE16 Adventure:Us - Luke Sweeney


    Pre-order now to receive your copy a month before it hits stores (Pre-orders will ship the first week of September, ahead of the October 14th street date)!

    Pre-Order Packages:
    All pre-orders are signed by the artist and include a digital download of Doin' it to You, plus an additional bonus track from the sessions, not included on the album.

    CD $12
    Black Vinyl 12" $18
    LIMITED EDITION Colored Vinyl 12" $25

    Deluxe VIP Tote Package $45
    Color Vinyl + CD,
    Aerobic International Tote Bag
    Guest List Entry to Bay Area Preview Parties:
    8/30 Brick & Mortar Music Hall San Francisco
    9/4 Mission Creek Oakland Invite-Only Pre-Festival Reception

    Deluxe VIP Tote Package (Pick-Up Option $40)
    Pick up your package at one of the two Bay Area Preview Parties & save on shipping.

  • Image of AE14 Phone Call

    AE14 Phone Call


    Phone Call
    12" [Vinyl]

    Side A:
    I'll Get My Coat
    Highway Robbery

    Side B:

    This much anticipated follow up project to the beloved Strength (AE02) takes the best of their past work and turns it up a notch. "I'll Get My Coat" hits you like a Timbaland/Missy Elliot beat then backs it up with the intimate vocal delivery of Bailey Winters and luscious synth work of Johnny Zeigler. The B side, "Highway Robbery" slows it down just enough and tells a cautionary tale of the Wild West.

  • Image of AE12 Turquoise Jeep

    AE12 Turquoise Jeep


    Turquoise Jeep
    12" [Vinyl]

    Side A:
    Smang It
    Fried Or Fertilized

    Side B:
    Sex Syrup

    The classic Turquoise Jeep hits now on vinyl for the first time! Limited to 500 copies this 4 song EP is currently the only physical form of the Jeep's music in existence. Snatch one now.

  • Image of AE10 Yip Deceiver

    AE10 Yip Deceiver


    Lover (Remixes)
    Yip Deceiver
    12" [Vinyl]

    Side A:
    Lover (Album Version)
    Lover (Willy Joy Remix)

    Side B:
    Lover (Instrumental)
    Lover (Loose Shus Remix)

    Chicago based DJ/producer Willy Joy and San Francisco's own Loose Shus have produced two uniquely amazing remixes for Athens GA, indie electro R&B duo Yip Deceiver. Willy Joy turns out a trunk rattling Trap mix sure to be used in his live sets while Loose Shus brings an 80's electro boogie flavor with hard claps and funky bass. The collaborations, born of long-time artistic friendship, make for a natural and inspired single Aerobic is proud to present.

    Limited to 500 copies with silkscreened jackets by Aerobic's own printing studio.

  • Image of AE09 D E N A

    AE09 D E N A


    D E N A
    7" [Vinyl]
    Limited Edition
    Side A: Boyfriend
    Side B: Games

    Limited Edition 7" Virgin Vinyl with Full Color Jacket-Shipped $10 US, 9.48 Euro shipped within Euro zone. $1 US = 0.755517 Euro

  • Image of AE08 Yip Deceiver/Kishi Bashi
    • Image of AE08 Yip Deceiver/Kishi Bashi

    AE08 Yip Deceiver/Kishi Bashi


    Yip Deceiver/Kishi Bashi
    Split 7" [Vinyl]
    Side A: Yip Deceiver - Double Future
    Side B: Kishi Bashi - Just the Tip

  • Image of AE07 8th Grader

    AE07 8th Grader


    8th Grader - Heavy Without You
    7" Single [Vinyl]
    Limited Edition
    Side A: Heavy Without You
    Side B: Heavy Without You (Instrumental)

  • Image of AE04 Sugar & Gold
    • Image of AE04 Sugar & Gold

    AE04 Sugar & Gold


    Sugar & Gold
    7" [Vinyl]
    Limited Edition
    Side A: Versatile Receiver
    Side B: Medellin Moonlight

  • Image of AE03 Social Studies
    • Image of AE03 Social Studies

    AE03 Social Studies


    Social Studies
    7" [Vinyl]
    Side A: Holler Boys (Painless & Jerorneo Remix)
    Side B: Weathered White

    With deft hands and keen ears Sugar and Gold's Painless & Jeromeo re-imagine the wistful pop of the Social Studies song "Holler Boys" as smooth uptempo dancehall infused with moody House. Impressionistic lyrics float in deep bass and modulating synth, a stereo sweep snare and hi-hat builds and drops in to a tom breakdown, and dark reverb guitars coupled with sweet keyboard melodies penetrate this subtly shifting and well crafted remix.

    The B side, "Weathered White," returns the listener to the organic origins of the Social Studies sound. A skeletal but robust rhythm section provides the engine for an angelic pop song anchored by a layer of insistent organs that press and tease out a mysterious melody over which Natalia Rogovin unravels an earnest narrative that drops to a building march only to open up in to a whispered confession before returning head first to the driving rhythm that began the song.

  • Image of AE02 Strength
    • Image of AE02 Strength

    AE02 Strength


    7" [Vinyl]
    Side A: Metal
    Side B: Overheat

    Metal, an ode to the cross-genre love affair, captures the inscrutable magic of a post-remix femme fatale with cut and paste imagery that moves through taunts and barks into a large, echoing rally cry. Delivered over headbanging android beats covered in shuddering synth, Metal builds spasmodically with bass and hand claps into a chorus of trance punk, releasing temporarily for a tight electric guitar breakdown before returning to the mayhem.

    As counterpart, the Bonnie and Clyde romance Overheat uses filtered waves and warm bouncing synth over steady minimalist beats and spiraling hooks to spin a cautionary tale narrated over mesmerizing dance pop.

  • Image of AE01 Falsetto/Loose Shus
    • Image of AE01 Falsetto/Loose Shus

    AE01 Falsetto/Loose Shus


    Falsetto - San Francisco Nights
    7" Single [Vinyl]
    Limited Edition
    Side A: San Francisco Nights
    Side B: San Francisco Nights (Loose Shus Remix)

    This collaboration between San Francisco veterans Baron Von Luxxury and Nicolas Dobbratz was the experiment that gave way to our first 7" release on Aerobic. Trashy un-apologetic disco production topped with intimate masculin lyricism. Also featuring rap-ette by Sugar & Gold's Fatima Fleming. The remix is the true gem and dance-floor funk of this vinyl. SF's own Loose Shus, who has proved to be a force in the boogie scene shines on this minimal erie dance version. Limited edition, hand stickered covers.

  • Image of AE13 Super Natural

    AE13 Super Natural



    1. Pocket
    2. Faerie Reign
    3. There’s a Hole
    4. Bordertown
    5. Justice for Christmas

    The five-song release serves up a unique and modern take on sixties folk, eighties punk and new wave, nineties indie rock and the timeless themes of love, hate, greed, justice, revolution and struggle.

  • Image of YIP Deceiver CD

    YIP Deceiver CD


    Aerobic International is proud to announce the release of the debut Yip Deceiver CD. The brainchild of multi instrumentalist Davey Pierce (of Montreal) also featuring Nicolas Dobbratz of Sugar & Gold.

  • Image of AE11 Echo Birds EP - Astra Via

    AE11 Echo Birds EP - Astra Via


    Echo Birds EP
    Astra Via

    Astra Via’s sound is not “here,” and not “there,” exactly, but maybe here, there, and everywhere. A bipolar marriage of past and future, where science geek and hopeless romantic meet.